Sunday, May 27, 2012

Update from P.T. Michelle

"I wanted to give you a heads up that BKoD is now available in PRINT at B&N and all the European Amazon outlets. Currently B&N has it on SALE for ($8.99), which is a phenomenal price. It won’t stay like that forever, so jump on that if you’ve considered buying the print version. As an FYI, I had to increase the print book price so that I could put BKoD in extended distribution (ie, make it available at B&N, Book Depository, etc). It could take up to six weeks before you see it everywhere.

I’m almost done with Lucid! Yay! The good news is that you’ll have a LONG book for all your waiting! I promise I’ll give you a release date once I hear back from my crit partners (and see how much work they have for me). Also, be sure to sign up for my NEWSLETTER, which will be the easiest way for you to be instantly informed when LUCID releases." 

Source - P.T. Michelle's Blog

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