Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Book Ratings?

While reviewing a book I have recently read tonight, this question popped into my head. Generally, I do not rate books below a 3/5, and I rarely rate a book a 3/5. So that being said, how important is the rating number to authors? I generally do not dislike books, if a book for me is slow in spots but totally engulfs me in the end, I usually rate it a 4 or 5, depending how much the story gets to me, but is this helpful to authors or not? I try to state if the book was harder for me to get into and information like that, but if you book is rate 4/5 or 5/5 or even 3/5, how does that affect you as an author? Is the rating more important, or the actual review? I would love to get authors opinions, please don't be shy!!!


  1. It's true that ratings and reviews are a crucial part of a writer's career, but I don't think one is more important than the other.

    A 5 star rating and a bomb review are great, but somehow, even though they can be used as very powerful marketing tools, they are not necessary to prove a book's effectiveness.

    If a book has lots of 5 and 4 star rating, people are actually less likely to read it than if there were a few 1's and 2's in there. Depending on who it's from a 1 star review has the potential to skyrocket a book!

    I'm not saying go out there and give out 1's lol, but be honest. Honest feedback helps out a lot more than being nice.

  2. I do rate books on GR, Amazon, and BN truthfully, but if it's lower than a 3, I don't make a post on my blog. I try to do a pros/cons list for books I'm borderline on. I just don't feel it's necessary to post it on the blog if I can't give it 3 or higher.

  3. I agree with that, for me too, I havent read a book that I dont think is at least a 3 or better.