Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July News from Berinn Rae


July 2012: What a month! Stealing Fate comes out July 24. It's a novella in the Unspun anthology, starring a Greek Fate and the god of terror. On July 30, Collision, the first book in the Colliding Worlds trilogy, comes out. This trilogy is Sci Fi with romantic elements, with each book starring a different extraordinary women in an intergalactic war that has just come to earth. Sienna Wolfe, a human, stars in the first book. To the right is the cover for Collision! This month, I'm writing Implosion, the second book in the Colliding Worlds trilogy, which stars Nalea, a strong Sephian woman with plenty of secrets of her own. My hands are pretty full with this trilogy, so I'll only check in on Twitter and Facebook about once a day. Have a great month!