Monday, October 22, 2012

JUST FOR NOW excerpt - Abbi Glines

JUST FOR NOW excerpt
Warning: It is very hot and is not suitable for young readers. 

    “Manda, please baby, tell me to stop,” he begged in a deep husky voice while he trailed kisses from my mouth to my neck, where he began licking and nip

ping the tender skin there.
     “I don’t want to,” I gasped out as his finger entered me easily.
     “So sweet. So wet. I shouldn’t be able to touch you. I’m not good enough.” His tortured voice only turned me on more. I opened my legs and he sank down between them as his fingers eased in and out of me.
    “You’re so warm,” he murmured as he kissed down my chest and finally let go of my hands so that he could use his free hand to slid up the inside of my shirt. He chose that moment to start rubbing his thumb over my clit. I cried out and clung to both his arms. I was so close.
   “No,” he bit out and then he was gone.
My breathing was labored and my body parts started screaming in protest. I wanted him back. Touching me.
   “No! I can’t do this. I shouldn’t have started it.” Preston was standing up when I opened my eyes. His face looked fierce and he wasn’t looking at me. Instead, he was focused on the dark sky.
   “This is wrong,” he said again in a determined voice.

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