Monday, October 1, 2012

October News - Berinn Rae

I've been hiding out for some time with my deadlines for the next two books in the Colliding Worlds trilogy (which, by the way, Implosion and Explosion are coming along great!). September was also the month of fly-ins and air shows (I fly when I'm not writing, really!), with every weekend booked. Now that the leaves are turning color, I'm looking forward to some free weekends to write like a mad woman!  Oh, with the exception of one weekend at the end of October, where I've been invited to join the Wonder of Words literary festival in Des Moines, Iowa (squee!!). Annnd one more thing... Elle J Rossi just designed the poster for the panel I'm on at next year's RT conference (which is going to be a blast!). Click on the thumbnail to see how awesome she did! Have a colorful fall!

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