Monday, January 14, 2013

Counterpart Giveaway!!

Step Into Fiction is hosting an amazing giveaway for one of three copies of K.J. Hunter-Brown's debut novel!!

With the release of Counterpart coming in about 30 days on  2/13/2013, K.J. has decided to have a contest to win one of three e-book copies of her book! Formats included will be epub, mobi and pdf. Good luck!

The one thing Maya Simmons wants is the last thing she should have.

Succubi life isn't for everyone, geared toward those who are lonely and know how to harbor secrets. Twenty-year-old Maya, however, is the perfect candidate. She lives freely, parties whenever she wants, and enjoys feeding her succubus demon with plenty of sex.

It’s an easy life for Maya…until she meets Tristan. Every time she sees him, the demon inside her goes crazy. But if she gives into her inner succubus and ravishes him, he probably won’t survive.

Her chosen way of life is thrown into chaos when a few of her latest victims turn up dead. Knowing she left them with enough energy to recover, she realizes that a rogue succubus is out to get her. As she investigates, she discovers that she’s in more danger then she thought, and the one thing she never wanted to do may be the only thing that can save her life.

Her life, and Tristan’s.

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