Saturday, June 9, 2012

Update on My Writing Life from Samantha March

I am super happy to say that The Green Ticket is (finally) in the hands of my editor. Whew! It feels so strange not working on it, but while it is in the editing process I try to not touch the story, re-read it, make changes, etc. I just let my editor do her magic, then feel scared everyday at what her comments will be ;) I am excited to get it back, make any changes she has suggested, put some polish on, and then sometime soon start looking for some beta readers. Right now, I am working on developing my third novel. I’ve started to name characters (which is seriously so hard!) and start learning their personalities. One idea that I am going to put into play with this book is interviewing my characters. I’m going to develop a list of questions and answer them like my characters would. This will help give me a better idea of who they are. Has anyone tried this before?

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