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Counterpart by K.J. Hunter-Brown Blog Tour, Character Intervew & Giveaway

Title – Counterpart
Author – K.J. Hunter-Brown
Series – Succubi & Incubi Assn.
Published – May 21, 2013
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For twenty year old Maya Simmons, being a succubus wasn't much of a worry. It was when she needed to fulfill the demon inside her that annoyed her. The lifestyle of drugs, alcohol and sex wasn't one she bragged about, especially to the one guy she knew she could never have, Tristan James.

Much of Maya's college life consisted of flirting with Tristan, seeing Tristan, watching Tristan, but never once did she ever attempt to taste the empowering energy that consisted inside him. She wouldn't dare. It almost helped that he had a girlfriend.

But when a threat of Tristan's life comes into play, and a rogue succubus is out to kill, Maya must play detective with her fellow succubus and incubus, Melinda and Daniel, before it's too late. Not only does she need to find out who's killing people, but Maya needs to make sure no one finds out, especially Tristan, and especially the SIA.

Sometimes, secrets become too much to handle. And the one thing Maya always wanted may be within more reach than she thought.

But it could be too late, because the clock's ticking and the heartbeat's slowing.

Character Interview with Maya Simmons:

Maya Simmons

     1. What made you to decide to accept becoming a succubus?
It wasn’t really much of a choice of whether I wanted to accept it or not. It was more of a ‘oh shit, there is really no way to reverse this unless I die’ and well, I really wasn’t planning on dying. It would be the easy way out, you know? Plus, I had Melinda there to help me through the beginning. Eventually, it just became easier to accept.

2. Do you ever miss life before the succubi life?
Do I miss being a human? Not really. I guess there’s a part of me that wished I was normal. But when you know that there’s a bigger life force out there that can easily dominate your species, then sometimes it becomes an advantage being a part of the dominant kind.

3. What were you first initial thoughts when you saw Tristan?
Honestly? I wasn’t really at all interested in him. To me, he just seemed like a vulnerable human who just happened to be at the same place as I was. Then I realized that we were in the same English class, and he was very persistent to get to know me. He wouldn’t give up and now look where we are, haha.

4.How would you feel if Melinda got to Tristan first?
Not really sure. Before everything came out, I probably wouldn’t have cared as much. But if they were together right now, at this very moment, I wouldn’t be too happy. I’d be more confused if anything. It’s hard to imagine Mel being with Tristan though. She usually sticks to her kind.

5. Be honest, how do you really feel about Daniel?
Aw, Danny boy. Ha. He and I have a very puzzling relationship, I admit. I guess it’s all the sexual tension that our demons produce that brought us into a close friendship that we have now. I love Daniel. He’s the big brother that I wished I had. And that’s really where it stays. Not that I’m talking for him though. He would have a very different answer to this question.

6. Don't some of the guys your demon craves just make you want to throw up? How do you get over that?
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes a million times. My demon is so old-fashioned. She’s a gold digger. She loves the business men that are like double my age. Then she likes to take out some of her cravings on people that I personally distaste. So yes, there are a lot of times that I just want to puke. It’s easy to get over it and deny her though. I’d just have to handle the consequences afterwards. When it comes to our kind, we need to let our demons know who runs the body.

7. Where is your most absolute favorite place to be?
As cliché as this may sound but I just like looking at the night sky. It calms me. I like staring at the stars and wonder what else is actually out there. So yeah, anywhere that’s quiet, secluded and has a clear sky above it is perfect for me.

8. Is this lifestyle one you would recommend to anyone?
It’s not a choice to be what we are. It’s given to you as a ‘gift’ apparently. But if there was ever a time where you could decide to become one, I’d suggest you sit down and think about the pros and cons before you decide. It’s not easy being who we are, and it’s definitely not a walk in the park. Just because our lifestyles are different, doesn’t mean we like doing what we have to do… I should probably change to me. There are a lot of succubi and incubi (like Mel) that embrace & love it.

Thank you for having me.

About the Author:

No one really knows what they're going to be until they actually experiment different things. I did that, and now I know what I want to be.

I could say something like, "I've been writing since I was some young age" but that would be a lie. I have been reading since I was able to understand the word 'the'. So, it really all started when I read book after book, and then soon enough I had read so much books that even I was starting to get sucked into the fictional life.

On a cloudy day, I decided to write my first novel (I didn't really have anything else to do). The thing here is that I'm known to have a weird imagination, and I guess the first time I got told that, was the day I actually realized that I did. Which led me to putting my weird imagination on paper, turning it into a novel, and loving the fact that I actually did it. And had fun with it.

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