Monday, August 5, 2013

Cover Reveal Golden Darkness by Asher Tensei

Golden Darkness is the sequel to Asher Tensei's debut novel, Mana.

Eurich and Raine, together, have done the impossible and severed the barrier hiding Samsera from Earth. Under its majestic six moons and bright hope, there is still darkness lurking. Eurich was spared, but now his life dangles fragilely in the hands of the protectors of Samsera, the Seraphim. Raine falls more ill by the day and Eurich becomes wanted for more than one reason. They both miss their friend Jason, but they have a feeling they will see him again…under different circumstances.

Coming Winter 2013

Funding Novels

Author Andrea Cefalo had an interesting post up in July, about helping fund her second novel in The Fairytale Keepers series, and The different aspects she brings up I feel is a good post for all indie authors, reviews, bloggers to read. To just Understand what all goes into this process.

Whether finishing a masterpiece or just getting started, the most daunting task for authors is coming up with the funds. In the not-so-distant past, writers relied on major publishers to fund the editing and marketing of their novels. But times have changed. With the help of crowdfunding, authors are ditching publishers and going out on their own.  Self-publishing is nothing new, but with the use of crowdfunding, authors can get the money to create novels that rival traditionally published books.
When author Andrea Cefalo published her first novel, The Fairytale Keeper, she was told that indie authors need at least $5,000 to help fund their projects. Sadly, that was a gross underestimate. Cefalo says she’s spent far more than that, even though she does much of the work herself. “If I can learn how to do it, I do,” Cefalo said. “I spend my money where I think it makes the biggest impact–editing, marketing and advertising.” In order to fund the editing and printing of her second novel, The Fairest of All, Cefalo is turning to the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

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Seven Days (Part Two) By Alexandra Diane

First off my apologizes, apparently I completely forgot about everything this past month! But I am back. This post is older, but I didn't get to ii in July, so I am posting it now!!!


We waited for the explosions to hit. The first one hit out in the ocean while the other two rocked somewhere nearby. The wedding party looked to Jordan and the rest of the groomsmen. The priest waited a moment. The skies were clear and the guest were distressed. 

He cleared his throat. “Shall we continue?” Jordan held my hand tighter than I have ever felt. I could feel his pulse in his fingers. I knew the one thing that always kept him sane was knowing I was safe. I was no longer safe, no one was.

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