Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crash by Alexandra Diane


Written By:
Alexandra Diane

I was laying down fresh mulch when my friend Allison came through the gate. The black kitten she held had the tiniest white socks I’d ever seen.
“Over here!” I yelled from behind a bush.
She placed the tiny guy on the ground and it followed her every step in disgust. “He’s never been on grass before.” She laughed.
My dad eyed the fuzzball as it pooped throughout the yard. “How old is the little bugger?”
“I’m not too sure. We found him behind a dumpster.” Allison was sweet but not the brightest.
We had two cats of our own that I’m pretty sure my father loved more than me. Before he said anything I quickly piped up. “Have you ever been to our hunting cabin?”
She scooped up the kitten and nuzzled it. “No, you were still building it last time I was visiting.”
I bagged the last poop before we headed off. I knew my dad was going to have someone spray the yard before the cats would be let out again. I wasn’t sure if pest control would actually help kill off anything but there was no getting in between that man and his cats.
We took the four-wheeler since neither of us wanted to walk to the end of the five-acre property. Tiny kitten had it’s head peaking out of a backpack. Who knew they liked wind in their faces just as much as dogs.
The dusk sky made it hard to see the path as we drove up, but I had been up there so many times without my dad I didn’t need the sun to help.
“Is that it?” Allison asked.
The building was deceiving. There were only two windows from where we were. 
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