Monday, September 30, 2013

Breathless by Rose J. Bell is OUT NOW!

Finally, Breathless is available on amazon and smashwords for only 0.99 cent!

Grab your copy from Amazon or Smashwords!

Keep a look out at Rose's blog for more information on all her books!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meant for Her by Raine Thomas Cover Reveal


Meant for Her
A New Adult Contemporary Romance
Raine Thomas

Cover design by Regina Wamba of
Cover photos by Kelsey Kukal-Keeton of K Keeton Designs

Photographer Sierra Stratton views the world through a lens all her own. She has an uncanny sense about people, something that often causes her trouble. When she meets the sexy and brooding Evan Dorsey, her intuition tells her he's suffering, and she wants to be the one to help him.

Evan isn't open to help from anyone, however. His focus is on his Major League career and making himself as marketable as possible for his upcoming free agency. He plans to ride out the season in Atlanta and then sign with another team, away from the painful memories that haunt him.

Someone's eager to send him on his way, too. Between anonymous threats and equipment sabotage, it's clear he's earned himself an enemy along the way. To him, it's one more sign that he's right to move on.

But Sierra threatens his conviction. Her contagious smile proves hard to resist, as does her kiss. She tempts him in ways he never anticipated, making him question his plans for the first time. If he's not careful, she might just convince him that he's meant for her.

Coming October 17, 2013
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Check out For Everly on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and get to know some of the characters making appearances in Meant for Her!

Raine Thomas

Brief author bio: Raine Thomas is the author of bestselling YA and NA romantic fiction, including the award-winning Estilorian series. She's a proud member of Romance Writers of America and is a contributing blogger to The Writer's Voice. When she isn't planning weddings, writing, or glued to social networking sites, she can usually be found on one of Florida's beautiful beaches with her husband and daughter or crossing the border to visit with her Canadian friends and relatives.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Flightless Bird by Paulina Ulrich (NEW) Cover Reveal

Flightless Bird (NEW) Cover Reveal

TITLE: Flightless Bird (Book 1 in the Flightless Bird series)
AUTHOR: Paulina Ulrich
GENRE: YA Paranormal Romance
COVER DESIGN: Amber @ eThink Graphics

A secret from the past...

The summer of her seventeenth birthday, Livy Eckels was faced with something she wasn't ready for. In the midst of a crumbling family, devastated, she grabs her bicycle and heads out of town to escape the atmosphere at home. Livy unexpectedly crashes into the lives of two mysterious people living on the outskirts of town. As she prepares to start her final exhaustive year of high school, she already has enough on her plate. Then with the entrance of Gregory Mason, her life becomes even more complicated. Tall, handsome, and ever so annoying, Livy can't stand being around him until she finds herself being pulled closer and closer to things she cannot explain.

She was determined to understand why Gregory Mason was so interested in her until she discovered something that may put her curiosity to an end. Before she knows what is happening, Livy becomes entangled in the mystifying plots of a secret society, a vengeful ex-lover, and a situation she never expected to find herself in: falling in love with a boy whose secret she should have never known.

AUTHOR BIO: I am the author of the Flightless Bird series, the Fighting Fate series and many more stories to come. I was raised to big dream or don’t dream at all and my highly active imagination has been the cause behind many of my stories. With my insanely fluffy cat and a glass of iced tea nearby, you can find me writing and when I’m not, I’m out buying way too many cute shoes.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Congrats to Ruth Silver!!

This is directly from Ruth Silver's blog:

I have an exciting announcement to make! Today I was accepted into the Patchwork Press family. I’m excited to be joining a great team of authors specializing in young adult, new adult and middle grade books. Definitely be sure to check them out on their website, Facebook, and Twitter!

 Ruth's Post

Friday, September 6, 2013

Vote for the cover of Choices by Saga Berg

Saga Berg is getting ready for the release of her next novella in The Nordic Fairies series, Choices. She is having a vote on which cover you think fits the story better. I like them both, and voiced my opinion on both!! Here are the covers.

Which one is your favorite?? Head over to Saga's facebook page to cast your vote. Voting is very close!!!

S.R Johannes Marketing Post!!

S.R. Johannes had posted a few days ago a great post with links about Marketing you book! Here are the links she posted!!! -

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Do You Market Your Books Doggy Style?

Why Authors – and Publicists & Publishers Need A Therapist

Be sure to keep checking out her page for more awesome posts and book information!!!