My goal here at 'Support Indie Authors' is to get indie authors more recognition. Being a writer is hard work, and a lot of authors work their butts off and some don't ever get to the point where they get huge publishing deals and their books aren't in every store; but that doesn't mean that their books are bad and that's why I made this site. I want to introduce you to authors you may not have heard of before and share their books with you. I am constantly trying to add new authors every day, and I am not playing favorites by any means, I just add them onto the site when we hear about them, so please if you know of any awesome indie authors or are one, send me their info :)

If If you are an indie author, I will also add your bio up and links to your book(s) here at 'Support Indie Authors' so other people can find out more information on who you are and about your books and in addition . I do this simply for the fact that we love to read, and love to support authors who work so hard to create these amazing stories and sometimes may get over looked just because they are an indie author.