Friday, August 24, 2012

Cover Reveal for Fair Feathered

Fair Feathered is the Third installment in the Flightless Bird Series! Check out the new cover!!


Livy’s life is now anything but normal. After spending her summer after graduation in hiding, Livy tries to return to normalcy by attending college but nothing goes according to plan. Mistakes are made and secrets are unveiled. Livy had finally accepted the heartache that she can’t have Gregory forever and his new found abilities undermine the time she does have left with him, making the thought of her eventual goodbye even more painful. But with her life still constantly being threatened by the Society of Seven, the vengeful Amelia, and a new enemy, Livy realizes that she can’t keep everyone she loves safe. When she thought she had it all figured out, disaster destroys everything she tried to protect. Now Livy must make perilous decisions between desperately fighting for her life and finally facing her looming death.

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