Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I’m on tour! - Asher Tensei

Well, Kinda… I’m actually on a journey to spread knowledge about my book lol. In exactly a month, Mana will be available and I’m so excited! I promise there will be no more push backs this time. There have been a ton of unexpected turns during the publication process and I’m glad to say everything is finally over with! Phew…September 7th is on!

Anyway, during this tour of my mine, you’ll be able to follow me as I answer some questions about myself and the book, reveal some snazzy book excerpts, posts and maybe more. I hope not, because my plate is so full as it is :/. I will trudge on!

Click on the banner to be linked to the page that has my schedule thus far. The schedule will be available soon, so keep clicking the banner to stay updated. I hope you follow along and learn some things about me. Thanks for all the support! Tensei out.


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