Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I'm working on...- Abbi Glines

Existence fans know that I am currently getting Ceaseless ready for its September 18 release. 

But what's next?

Preston (Marcus Hardy's best friend and side character in Breathe, Because of Low and While It Lasts) will be getting his own story. There is a lot to this guy no one knows. He comes off as a care free party boy but is he?

First time I'm announcing this: I am adding 10,000 words to both The Vincent Boys and The Vincent Brothers. There will be new scenes in both books and some other scenes will be more detailed... 
Not sure on a rerelease date yet but sometime later this year hopefully. 

Options will be an urban fantasy mature YA/New Adult book that will be book one in a trilogy. It releases February 5, 2013

THEN... Cage and Eva get one more story. Hopefully by April of 2013. 

That's my line up for right now. Covers and book summary reveals will be late September for Preston's story and late October for Cage & Eva's #2. 

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